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 Respecting all 3 runningbacks

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PostSubject: Respecting all 3 runningbacks   Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:22 pm

The only playbook with a viable full house is the balanced playbook.

Why, because its the only playbook with a FB dive. All the other fullhouses throughout the game dont have a FB dive, so the opponets only have to worry about 1 RB, instead of all 3.

The Full house is a flippable formation meaning you can flip the play without anyone moving. Because there are 2 FB's lined up as mirror images of wach other, you can flip the play and get the other running back to run without showing the defense what youre doing. This forces them to respect all 3 running backs. The quick run audible is a HB blast so every time you go to the line, the opponet has to respect all 3 runningbacks.
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Respecting all 3 runningbacks
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