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 Top 25 QB tips

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PostSubject: Top 25 QB tips   Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:25 pm

1. go deep at least twice a game to keee D honost
2. pump fake to make the D bite on certain plays, shotgun is easier to pumpfake because there is no drop
3. utilize a 1 step, 3 step, 5 step, and 7 step QB drop
4. sometimes letting the computer do the QB drop works best...ex 3 step quick slants
5. use PA to change passing angles
6. audible out of PA by blocking the RB or by putting him on a hot route
7. try to confuse your opponent by switching run directions on passing plays, the QB animation is the same
8. motion players and hike in motion to prevent being bumped and to get different angles
9. do the same motions for runs
10. fakehike on motions that look similiar to plays that you hike in motion
11. Manage the clock on offense, always try to have the ball last at the end of halves
12. Never pick a play that is in your audibles, quick or saved
13. Sometimes on short yardage situations, stacking the best Olineman on one side is a good idea
14. use smart routes to adjust certain routes to the first down line...ex. posts, outs, curls.
15. some formations can be flipped w/o anyone motioning...ex. sb duece and sb doubles close
16. use flippable plays like shown above to flip passes and runs without giving a visual tell to the opponent
17. use plays that have no WR's on one side...ex. sb duece twins,sg bunch TE. These sets show if its man or zone.
18. If you motion a WR to the other side and the CB follows,the D is man, if not, its zone
19. one of the main goals as QB is not to get sacked...getting sacked can cause your QB to fumble and puts you in long yardage situations where it is more likely to throw an interception
20. Throw the ball away instead of throwing a bad pass or taking a sack. Act like the sidelines are your 6th reciever.
21. roll out to one side with your QB to get different angles, remember to slide protect
22. Sometimes its good to PA on 3rd and short
23. Offense is all about keeping your cool and making good decisions
24. If your running with the QB,learn how to slide...getting hit head on or jumping head first causes easy fumbles
25. throw on the cuts the WR's make
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Top 25 QB tips
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