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 Substitution Packages

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PostSubject: Substitution Packages   Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:01 am

After selecting a formation, you can use package substitutions to further alter a formation’s positioning and personnel. You can substitute a fullback for a second running back, move your weapon-laden WR around the formation into the slot or swap positions with the second receiver; adjust a star tight end into the slot; or place a Hands running back into the slot or wideout position. The list below covers the most common packages and lists tips for using each.

Dual HB: For formations with two backs, such as I Form, Strong, Weak, Far, Near, and Shotgun 2RB, this package allows you to substitute your team’s second running back in for the starting fullback. Use this package to capitalize on a team with multiple skilled running backs, such as the Jacksonville Jaguars (Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew). You can run the second running back from fullback plays or use the package in passing plays where both backs offer outlet options in the flat or short-to-medium passing game.

Jumbo Backfield: Essentially the opposite of Dual HB-this package substitutes your running back for the fullback. This package can be useful in short yardage situations and for teams with good Fullbacks.

WR Swap: Swap the primary and secondary receiver positions to alter their assigned pass routes. Could create mismatches against a defense that hasn’t made defensive assignments for man coverage.

WR Swap Strong: Places your best two receivers on the strong side then swaps their position (essentially placing your top receiver in the slot position).

HB Slot and HB Wideout: If your selected team has a great pass-catching running back (such as Brian Westbrook of Philadelphia and Reggie Bush of New Orleans), use this package to position your starting running back into the slot or wideout position. This can create some good speed mismatches against a defense’s third corner in the slot as well as open up new passing routes for your skilled running back in either the slot or wideout position.

Strong Slot: Substitutes your best receiver into the slot position. Strong Slot is excellent for opening new routes for a weapon-laden receiver and putting that receiver up against new defenders-possibly a mismatch against a safety or even a linebacker. Move receivers like Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, or Randy Moss around the field to give your star pass catcher more route options.

TE Slot: Substitutes your tight end into the slot position. Use this package if your team has a good receiving tight end (Jason Witten of Dallas, Antonio Gates of San Diego, Tony Gonzalez of Kansas City, Todd Heap of Baltimore, or Dallas Clark of Indianapolis) or plan to run in the formation toward the tight end-the tight end is usually a better blocker.

TE Swap: Switch tight end positions in formations with two tight ends. Also could be strong and weak.

TE Backfield: Switched the tight end into the backfield. You can use this formation in run plays using the tight end to block or even in a short passing game to open up unique passing routes for teams with skilled tight ends.

WR Strong, WR Strong Weak, and WR Bunch: Places your top receivers on the strong side of the formation. In Strong Weak, places your best two receivers on the same side in a multiple receiver set-for instance in a five receiver set. Bunch positions the top receivers into the "bunch" area of the formation.

Big: Substitutes Wide Receivers for tight ends and Fullbacks for a "big" formation. This could turn a bunch formation passing play into a solid running play with the increased blocking abilities of the tight ends and Fullbacks.

Strong Solo: In formations with multiple receivers on one side and one receiver on another, places your top receiver in the solo position.

WR HB and WR FB: Move your top wide receiver into the running back or fullback position. This can be great for creating mismatches and hitting a speedy receiver on swing passes out of the backfield.
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Substitution Packages
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