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 Slide Protection

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PostSubject: Slide Protection   Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:22 am

Slide protection is useful on both pass and run plays. It can help pick up the blitz, gives different angles to throw from on rollouts and playaction, can help spring the RB for better runs, and also gives you quicker blocking on screen passes. Out of shotgun, if the running back is blocking, they will follow slide protect orders...if the QB is under center, the backs don't change blocking direction if you slide protect.

Here are the Offensive Line Protection shifts:

Slide Protect Left: Shift blockers to the left.
Slide Protect Right: Shift blockers to the right.
Slide Protect Up: Make line more aggressive.
Slide Protect Down: Pinch Offensive Line to pick up middle pressure.
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Slide Protection
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