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 Random Running Tips

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PostSubject: Random Running Tips   Mon Jun 29, 2009 4:21 am

1. follow your blockers
2. lay off the speed burst right after the hike, and read where the hole is
3. Use PA to open up the run and vice versa
4. Use motions to get exrta blockers, disguise these motions through your pass play motions
5. Flip the running direction at the line to take advantage of gaps in the defense
6. Running from Shotgun can catch the opponent off guard
7. Use agressive blocking on zone runs, and sometimes on the Power O
8. slide protect to the opposite side on counters and sometimes stretches
9. Slide protect towards the direction you are running on tosses and sometimes stretches
10. agressive block and pinch block on dive plays
11. On stretch plays where you are running at the edge with a TE, square your shoulders behind the TE before cutting
12. Square your shoulders before taking contact to fall forward better, also square your shoulders before doing a juke
13. Use the truck stick when getting hit to fall forward
14. use stiff arms to break tackles when not in traffic
15. In traffic , cover up the ball to prevent fumbling
16. Use the spin move one direction after faking to the other
17. spins are also useful after the handoff if you run into a wall of blockers
18. Audible runs to where the defensive line and LB's are leaving the widest gap
19. Always have at least 3 run audibles when going to the line.
20. a solid running game can open up the short flats as the D gets more agressive
21. use flippable sets to disquise run flip changes...ex. singleback Duece
22. go run heavy if the opponent likes to use extra defensive backs
23. Run more to waste clock at the end of games when leading
24. run up the middle from 4wr sets to get the defense to play inside instead of on the slot WR's
25. use draw plays when the defense drops defensive lineman in coverage
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Random Running Tips
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