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 Reading Coverages

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PostSubject: Reading Coverages   Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:59 am

Reading Coverage: I just recently was told (thanks again MightyPharaoh) That you could now distinguish between specific coverages such as cover 3 and cover 2 which is what will allow me to run something much closer to a true Shoot then when you could only determine man/zone. And this is again something that humans will take away from you completely by locking the coverage and turning man lock off but then you just do post-snap read progressions and use the fact that they turned man lock off against them by gaining a mismatch with a WR on there LB. Now if you don't already know you determine man or zone either through motion, by putting all your recievers to one side or using a compression formation. Motion: If the man over the reciver follows him accross the field it's man if the D uses a bump reaction to motion it's zone.All recievers to a side: If the corner on the empty side stays there it's zone if he comes over to the reciver he would normally cover it's man.Compressed formation: If the widest corner to the bunch side is outside the bunch it's zone if he is right over the reciever furthest outside the bunch it's man.To distinguish between cover 2+4 and cover 3+1 just look at the position of the safeties, if one has come down towards the line of scrimmage and the other is inside or on the hashes it's cover 3 or cover 1 depending on if it's man or zone. If the Safeties are outside the hashes it's cover 2 or 4 and then check the depth of the corners, if the corners are deep it's 4 if they are tight it's 2. Now in the Run and Shoot you break coverages down into 4 catagories: 3-deep zone, 2-deep zone(includes cover 4), Man Free(man to man with deep suppport) and Man accross(man to man with no deep support, 99% of the time when you get this coverage it's blitz so throw hot).
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Reading Coverages
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